Conversations with my 2 year old. Brilliantly shot and highly entertaining. A must for any parent!

My wife recently found this outstanding series of shorts floating about Youtube. They feature discussions between a father and his 2 year old daughter, re-enacted with a full-grown man in her stead. This creates a superb tension that helps highlight the often times surreal situations we find ourselves in as parents with young children.


Food for thought on overconsumption

This profound clip from Samsara will captivate you and make you consider the titanic effort needed to feed the growing human population. It is a powerful statement from Ron Fricke who also made Baraka. The six minutes you invest here could help change your perspective on things.

You can find more potent videos at

Leave it to the French to mix diving, surrealism, and giraffes.

I cannot help but wonder at this beautifully shot piece. The level of technical achievement is impressive, and the camera work is great. However, where the team failed completely was with using giraffes as the main characters. What were they thinking? Everyone knows that if you are going to make a synchronized diving short in Les Halles, it had better be with elephants, or maybe hippos in a pinch.

Anomalia’s Booty Call

3D World has posted the neat little pirate video Booty Call.

Anomalia made the video last summer in ten days with a team of sixteen.

An impressive offering developed in a very tight window.

The original 3D World article also has links to Steve Lambert’s series on the fundamentals of CG, Disney’s classic principles of animation in 3D. Well worth the read for any animation enthusiast.

On the other end of awesome model design: Streetfighter III – Fuurinkazan trailer

Well I’ll be. This is a mind-blowing short: Streetfighter III fan trailer.

This answers the question of “what if Pixar made Streetfighter?”

The results would be stunning. Indeed they are stunning, even without Pixar’s DNA on the project. The character design is incredible, and so are the photography, lighting, and animation. It would get my money to see a full length feature in cinema.

Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing more!