Astrobase Command’s New Look

Hard work pays off —  Astrobase Command’s shiny new look

Your Astrobase in all its living glory

After a few months of quiet on our end, we unveiled the fruits of our labour yesterday. We have come a long way since Adam’s proof-of-concept art. As a programmer, he valiantly led our visual development up until our crowdfunding campaign last November. However, we have now unleashed the visual beauty wrought by our pro artist, Daniel. I hope you’ll agree that the results are stunning.

Space can be a dangerous place.

It has been hard trying to resist the urge to release these gems any earlier, but we’re now ready for you to take a look. So please swing on by and let us know what you think.

The Uncanny Valley just got a lot narrower

The Uncanny Valley has long been a challenge for artists trying to depict realistic human characters. There are so many subtleties that make the difference between allowing us to perceive the human face as being alive or dismissing it as some macabre and slightly creepy mask. Significant strides have been made in the past few years, and it is clear that NVIDIA and Activision have invested heavily in developing new technologies to breathe life into the next generation of characters.

This certainly leads one to wonder how long it will be until computer generated characters will be completely indiscernible from live actors? Not long, I’ll wager.

SIGGRAPH 2013 Technical Papers Preview – Mind blowing 3D software in the works


My thanks to Dan Shields for finding this technical papers preview trailer. There are some mind blowing technologies in the works. Scalable realtime 3D volumetric surface reconstruction, folding and crumpling adaptive sheets, and snowball dynamics are just a few of the beautiful accomplishments on display.

Oh, and did I mention somebody managed to capture a pulse of light in super-high speed photography with Femto-photography?

3D World interview with 3D artist Alex Telford

This 3D World interview with Alex Telford has a few insights into what makes the man tick.

One item in particular seems worth the share:


3D World: Could you share a technical secret on how you work?
Lose the undo key. Tweaking should be reserved for when you have finished the stage of the project you are working on, an extrude should take 1 second, not 10 minutes.

Try to work in passes, start by blocking, then refine the whole thing, refine it again and repeat until you are happy.

If you create amazing landing gear on a blocked out plane, when your supervisor comes he will see a blocked out plane that took hours to make. I say this because we never finish a project to perfection, it is simply taken away from us because of time.


I guess I’ll stop my unfortunate habit of modelling photorealistic nose hairs on otherwise undefined blocks immediately.

Anomalia’s Booty Call

3D World has posted the neat little pirate video Booty Call.

Anomalia made the video last summer in ten days with a team of sixteen.

An impressive offering developed in a very tight window.

The original 3D World article also has links to Steve Lambert’s series on the fundamentals of CG, Disney’s classic principles of animation in 3D. Well worth the read for any animation enthusiast.