Editing Tips: Word Count

Word count counts. Shannon Thompson provides good pointers on the length of a manuscript.

Shannon A. Thompson

Word count matters. As writers,we’ve all heard this. Although there are exceptions, this rule is especially true for beginning writers applying to publishers. Because of this, I thought I’d talk about it today since I know many of my readers are looking at publications opportunities.

1. Target Audience: This is a big one, because it often decides what the word count will be in a publisher. The numbers are decided based on average reading ability and popular novels. These numbers are considered the target range for that specific audience. I’ll get in more detail later on, but here are the main three I’ve come across in discussion with publishers:

  • Children: Chapter Books: under 20,000
  • Young-Adult: under 80,000
  • Adult: 80,000+ (This genre is interesting, because it differs extremely within publishers and the genre you’re writing. A lot of publishers still encourage under 80,000 for first time, but they are often more…

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The Beautiful Design Direction in ‘The Last of Us’

The Beautiful Design Direction in ‘The Last of Us’.

This video from “The Last of Us” is a wonderful find by the Gaming Grad. Work like this highlights game development’s inexorable move towards an art form and demonstrates that one can find beauty even in the deepest of horror.

Positions Piece 2: Game Designers

Getting the Job

Game design is a tricky position. By far, this is one of the positions that varies from studio to studio, especially depending on size and the products they produce. There is the general position of “game designer,” but there are also more specific roles too.

One of these specific roles might be a Level Designer. For this role designers would be responsible for designing what happens during the level and your playing experience throughout it. They should have a great understanding of what mechanics are fun and where to put them in the level to make the player get the most out of the playing experience. When I think of level design, I always think of games like Little Big Planet, though obviously every game should have level design in it!

Another type of designer is a Content Designer. This type of games designer is more closely involved with the…

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Writing Tips: Make Maps (Interior)

Writing Tips: Make Maps (Interior).

Shannon Thompson provides some concise thoughts on the usefulness and process of drawing maps of the interiors of buildings she uses to bring her stories to life.

I agree that such organization is useful, particularly once a story gets to be well-populated with a variety of locations, or when those locations are revisited infrequently. Being able to keep the continuity of details helps sell the story and prevents doubt from creeping into the reader’s mind, thereby helping to suspend disbelief.

A Letter to Victoria’s Secret From a Father

A Letter to Victoria’s Secret From a Father.

This is definitely worth passing on. As women are fighting tooth and nail to gain recognition for the immense progress they are making in carving out their rightful place in STEM fields, business, construction, and other non-traditional fields, there remains an oppressive flow of media and commercial interests that seek to make a buck by convincing them that developing sex appeal should be their primary motivation in life.

Apparently, like the tobacco industry, Victoria’s secret has come to the conclusion that they need to hook their clients when they’re young.

Rev. Evan Dolive’s open letter says it all.

Writing At The Speed Of 88 MPH (Or Less…) (Re-Press from L. Palmer)

Writing At The Speed Of 88 MPH (Or Less…).

What a wonderful article. It is essential to find the time to write. Few authors have the luxury to fully commit themselves to their art, as life interrupts so frequently. It is a testimony to their character to be able to juggle the constant demands on their attention.

Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

iGameMom’s got it going on. Thanks for the words of wisdom!


I have been doing blog for about a year now.  My first blog was closed by wordpress.  It is was quite a surprise, because there was no warnings – the night before I was able to login, the next day I was not.  I learned afterwards, that the reason they closed my account is because I had backlinks to my self-host website.  So the first important lesson learned from blogging, is to read the contract carefully.  Make sure you really understand the terminologies.  When I first started blogging, I had no idea what backlink is.  I assumed I won’t do anything illegal, then I should be fine.  I did not read the contract word by word.  If I knew that was not allowed, why would I do that?

My first blog was actually doing well.  I gained followers pretty quickly.  I then decided to move to a self-host site, so I can have…

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