Game Design: Mining in Star Citizen

If you ever wondered about what makes or breaks mining and resource gathering game mechanics, Plotscaper has an article for you. The topic is covered in depth, and you can find several very clever insights that may improve your own game.


A Wild New Blog Entry Type Appears! Alright, so normally I try to keep my blog focused on my game designs, but I’ve been obsessed with Star Citizen lately, so I wanted to share my thoughts on how Chris Roberts should go about designing the mining aspect of Star Citizen. I’d just like to emphasize that I’m not trying to tell the master how to do his job; just that outsider observers into design often bring a fresh perspective that can inform positive changes. I certainly know that sometimes I become obsessed with certain designs, spend weeks polishing them, only to realize that I’ve just polished turds. Well, Mr. Roberts, in the hopes that Star Citizen is turd-free, here are my thoughts on how to properly implement a mining minigame that proves to be actually fun rather than simply present.

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