Where has the single player gone?

Aldren Castro over at Beer and Joystick’s has a great rant on the near disappearance of single player gaming.

I too bemoan the near disappearance of single player games. Although there are times that MMO is great, there are others where I just want to evolve in my own story line without worrying about some avatar with a huge and strangely written (and most likely making some attempt to be offensive) name bouncing around LOLing and W00Ting going on at length about how the pwned the last batch of n00bs in a match five nanoseconds ago.

I suspect one of the reasons that this is done is that it is a lot easier to design a game where other humans essentially generate the content on the fly rather than going through the effort needed to develop engaging AI and rewarding content.

I say it is time for a single player renaissance.



4 thoughts on “Where has the single player gone?

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  3. The renaissance era was Born after the Dark Ages so a spg renaissance is likely to come!

    Some of it we will like some dont but one thing is for sure this new evolution will benefit us all… Hopefully sigh 🙂

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