The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time – Part 1

Here’s a great primer on some awesome (and classic) science fiction movies. It is well worth sharing with others.

The L. Palmer Chronicles

In my recent review of Star Trek: Into Darkness, Hey Look A Writer Fellow commented:

This was a wonderfully geektastic review.

But as for the best sci-film of all time, I would respectfully counter with 2001.

I began to reply to this, but then realized it was already several paragraphs.  So, instead, I decided to write 2 posts about it.


Thar Be Spoilers


Defining the greatest of anything is always a dangerous prospect.  In Sci-fi, there are so many sub-genres and debates over what is ‘really’ sci-fi, it makes it even more challenging.

As we venture into these murky waters, let me put up a few sign posts for what I consider great sci-fi:

A. Does it tell a good story?  Is it interesting from beginning to end?  Do we care about the characters?

B. Do the special-effects/make-up, etc. hold-up over the course of time?  In other words, if the…

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