On my toddler’s first steps towards becoming a wizard

My little wizard

My little wizard

My toddler is a devious little deceiver. He’s just started working on his skills of misdirection, a real illusionist in the making.

Whenever he has a chance, he will suck a hand deep into a sleeve, wave it around in surprise, ensuring that he has our undivided attention, and then loudly ask: “Où main?” Where hand?

Where is your hand, indeed, little fellow? I plainly cannot image where it may be. Please show me.

With all the flourish he can manage, he pops his hand out for all to see. “Voilà!” he proudly exclaims. We gladly cheer on his showmanship, which initiates the inevitable encore performance.

After the fifteenth or sixteenth time today, I think I’ve got the trick figured out. But he’s here all week, so I can expect to get some more of the same. Try out the mojitos at the bar, they’re outstanding.


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