What Great Coaches Know

What Great Coaches Know.

This article (above) by Rich Negrin, the City of Philadelphia’s Managing Director and Deputy Mayor for Administration and Coordination is a great read. He discusses key considerations for personnel management and team building using concrete examples from both his sports and bureaucratic career.

While I do not completely agree that leaders must have an innate talent, the core of what he discusses is very true. I believe that the effort needed to foster strong leadership in a person who does not have some innate ability will be enormous and will be unlikely to lead to generate supremely-effective leaders except in the very rarest of cases. It may, however, provide a continuous supply of average leaders, which may be required to ensure the continued functioning of large organization. Such development must therefore be undertaken with a sage awareness of the high cost of doing so, and the readiness to establish gateways that prevent someone from being promoted beyond the scope of their competences (both for the good of the organization, and that of the individual.)

A must read for any coach, leader, manager, or HR-oriented individual.


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