Somebody needs a timeout

Somebody forgot to take their crazy pills

Somebody forgot to take their crazy pills

All this rhetoric about nuclear armageddon is starting to rankle me. It is as if someone wants to have their Cuban missile crisis moment, without the actual threat of having two superpowers involved in a game of MAD. This is a game of political brinksmanship, and I think all the leaders involved are waiting for the other side to blink first so that they can start the process of saving the day, granting concessions, lifting embargoes, and generally doing the diplomatic schtick that makes the world go round.

What is more worrying is what happens when jumpy trooper snuffy who is on the front lines makes a wrong split-second decision because he is tired, hungry, or thinking about the end of his shift on watch? Things can spiral out of control once a spark is unintentionally lit in such a primed powder keg.

So how about we cool off for a little bit here so we can go back to making plain old fashioned rhetoric and yo’ mamma jokes about each other without the risk of accidentally blowing something off of the map?


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