On concealing toddlers

My toddler climbed into our bed this morning and began gathering up all of the many pillows into a big pile. After a few moments of the unavoidable session of leaping into the soft pile, he stood up and looked at his mother. He began covering her in pillows until only one eye could be seen peering through the fluffy mass. “Maman cachée! (Mommy’s hidden!)” he announced gladly to no one in particular.

He then turned to face me with a big smile, brought his hands in front of his mouth and shot them outwards and upwards

“Poof!” He giggled, jumped off the bed, and ran away.

I had no idea he even knew how to say that.

I guess I’ll have to keep a closer eye on my things, since our Houdini Jr. appears to have a few tricks left up his sleeve.


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