On being a supportive husband

In 2009, Canada ran a competition to find a new astronaut. Jeremy Hansen (insert gratuitous link to astronaut photo here) famously won the competition.

My wife had a long-held sparkle in her eye for outer space, so she applied for the competition. I congratulated her for her courage to follow her dreams.

We eagerly followed the progression of events and were ecstatic to find out that she made it past the first round of selection. Things were looking up!

Shortly afterwards, we found out she was cut from the second round, along with many others. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

To celebrate her efforts, I cleverly drafted up a logo and sent it off to a T-shirt company to get it silk screened.

Here’s the logo:

True Love

True Love

I proudly presented her the gift, but was on my guard, a coiled spring ready to bounce out of the return strike’s path, should she lash out at me for my temerity.

She loved it.

In fact, she still wears the shirt from time to time. She’s a space program reject. How many other people can brag about even having made it that far?

Update: You can find the design at CafePress.com


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