Still fighting over gay marriage? It’s the 21st century, folks. Move on.

I can’t believe that in the year 2013 we are still having to spend time and energy debating the issue of gay marriage (Toronto Sun Article).

When growing up, I was exposed to some of my parents’ homosexual friends. At school and afterwards, I had several awesome LBGT friends. I can credit them with helping me grow as an individual in many ways, and can’t attribute any of my moral weaknesses to them. My weaknesses/deviances/perversions/sins are all mine to bear.

Unsurprisingly, when one digs deeper, linking probable root causes of the resistance to the concept to the issue of money crops up: CBC News article

In a time where we believe to be on the cusp of the Artificial Intelligence Singularity, that we have begun growing human organs with the help of 3D printing, and that we’re talking about installing a commercially-deployed Mars base, I think it’s time we grow up and move on to bigger issues. If two adult, consenting LBGT individuals who love each other want to get married, let them. I think we can pretty conclusively say that archaic beliefs that gay marriage leads to warping of social values, undermining the moral fabric of whatever children they may care for, desolation of fertile lands, witchcraft, dogs and cats falling from the heavens, locust plagues, and whatever other evils that have been attributed to the concept in the past have been disproved.

Indeed, I believe there are more pressing issues which have been scientifically proven to cause desolation and plagues that should be dealt with. Pollution and climate change, anyone? Let’s get this issue out of the way so we can indeed claim to respect Human rights (last I checked every member of the LBGT community was human, no?), allowing us to get down to business over the issues that are actually vital to our continued welfare and prosperity on this little blue marble in space.


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