Words of wisdom from my Grandfather

The Chief

Today, my Grandfather would have turned 100. He didn’t quite make it this far, having passed away this past Spring.  We say we each have heroes. For some, it is a sports icon. For others, it is a movie star. Occasionally, it is a scientist or teacher. One of my greatest heroes is my grandfather.

He was a kind and gentle man, wise beyond compare, and patient with the loving antics his extended family could foist upon him. He loved my grandmother, Bernadine, to the end of the world. They had never spent a day apart in their lives. That is a rare distinction.

Before he passed, my cousin had the opportunity to sit down with him to soak up some of his experience. I will share a short excerpt here, as they seem particularly pertinent today:

“Get along with other people, try to see their point of view”

“Be a gentleman; be honest; be kind to people; help people if you can, especially kids; don’t take the easy way every time; and play it fair. If you do that, it works out pretty well…”

Wise words.


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