Omega 3 and the toddler’s mind – Did it make my kid a genius?

My toddler has recently become one seriously finicky eater. After a while, I became concerned about his nutrient intake. I’m afraid I’m still working out how to best crack his fortress of fussiness, but I did experience a completely unscientific anecdote that is making me sit up and take note of the potential power of Omega 3 fatty acids.

While wandering through the grocery store, I noticed a box of milk that was fortified with Omega 3s. The label identifies it for heart healthy purposes, but I decided to give it a shot with my youngster to see if it could be of any assistance. Within three days, his behaviour developed markedly, becoming, to me at least, far more complex than it had been in the days before.

There is no scientific control to this little experiment, and it could have been the result of a convergence of any number of other developmental or environmental factors. I am also not trying to advocate or push the use of such dietary supplementation. Definitely check with your pediatrician before trying anything you are unsure of. However, a little research (nicely summed up here: – Omegar 3 for toddlers ) suggests that there may be some merit in the concept.

Now, my biggest problem is that he’s taking to trying to outsmart me. I may ultimately regret my cunning plan in the long run, as I may have created an evil genius that can give Stewie a run for his money.


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