On toddlers’ excellent memories

We took our son on a trip to Florida this winter. We made it a point to make it out to the beach at least once per day, even though it was a fifteen to thirty minute drive from the hotel. Every time we hit the beach, he was dressed the same way: a bright orange ball cap, a white T-shirt, blue shorts, and sandals. He had a riot playing in the sand, and running away screaming from the waves.

Three months later, our toddler still happily calls out “beach, beach, beach!” whenever he sees his cap. He also eagerly tries to put on his sandals yelling the same.

A pity it’s still well below freezing and that the snow drifts are still six feet deep in front of the house.

This tale does show how vividly memories can imprint on our young ones. Our trip was more than four months ago. An eternity for such a little one.

Here’s to hoping we can keep building great memories!


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