Well done, Rebecca Marino!

I heard a deeply touching interview earlier today on CBC Radio’s Q with Rebecca Marino.

It is such a shame that some elements of any society rely on denigrating others so that they may themselves find some measure of feeling. I am uncertain what that feeling is, whether it be a twisted joy, sense of self worth, or simply some manner of stimulation of the nervous system that convinces them they remain alive.

I do not follow sports, and I knew nothing of Ms. Marino until today. However, it is deeply saddening to hear that someone with such potential and talent can become the target of petty-minded individuals. What this says of the vulnerability of those who remain unnoticed in the eyes of society is telling. There are many who are vulnerable who would probably have the potential to achieve great things who are otherwise held back by the vile acts of those who cannot find enough value in their essence that they need to demolish someone else’s.

I am glad she has taken the steps to share her situation with all of us. To have done so took tremendous courage. This clearly indicates that she is made of better stuff than any of those who sought to demean her. That she wishes to act as a spokesperson in the fight against depression is yet another indication that she is a wonderful person who will be an inspiration to countless for years to come.

I wish her all the best, and congratulate her in her effort to make this world a better place.


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