A thoughtful blog on the difficulties our youngsters face.
Our minds, and particularly those of our children, have not yet adapted to the ever-increasing desire for extreme exposure in the media. Everything has to be more ‘more’ than whatever came before it, otherwise it is apparently without value. We are bombarded with a continuous flow of unfiltered information which can have a dramatic effect on our lives, as witnessed by the author’s entry.
Another concern which comes to mind with the media and social media is what is their level of responsibility for putting such concepts as self-harm into children’s heads in the first place? If at risk children are being exposed to these, then even with the continuous presence of a parent supervising their experiences, they will eventually begin to soak up the activity as a possible means to express or experience their frustrations, fears, depression, etc. rather than seeking out the help which is needed to overcome such a challenge.

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alicia and grace

It was an evening last week when I learned that my Tween, a very sensitive and empathic girl, is chatting with a friend who is, at the same time over the phone with another friend escorting the local police searching for another (fourth) friend suspected of trying to commit suicide, per her FB.

In case you’ve lost me, this is the situation: My kid is sitting on her bed trembling and crying, while I am staring at her I-pad unbelievably, chat lines running extremely fast saying:  “Diane is not at the living room… wait, looking for her at the kitchen…not there! Perhaps she already did it! Wait, the police is entering the bathroom… Here she is! She is alive! She tried to kill herself!” Etc.

Once I was sure that Diane (which my daughter is not familiar with) is ok, and that her parents are aware of what’s happening in…

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