Mobile technology will lead to an increase of Spaceballs moments – Mel Brooks got it right

If you were around in the 80’s, there’s a good chance that you remember Spaceballs and the infamous videophone in the toilet: Spaceballs urinal

With the advent of high technology, we are at risk of making such moments a routine part of life. Just last night, the in-laws called in on Facetime from the other side of the world to say high to their beloved grandchild. At the time, my mobile device was on the bathroom sink playing music while yours truly was washing said grandchild who was buried chest deep in frothy bubbles. Without thinking too much about it, I answered the call and swiveled the screen around so that the key communicators could exchange warm greetings across the digital void that separated us. Despite my young one’s early age, there appears to be an emerging awareness of the concept of modesty, and a wild dive deeper into the bathtub and a mad rush to gather more bubbles around quickly ensued.

No harm, no foul. Sensitive bits were not displayed in permanent 1s and 0s across the internet for embarrassing re-use during college graduation in a couple decades. However, it does bring up the thought that a best practice that in the future, while operating within a bathroom, it would be wisest to switch on Airplane mode. Or maybe it should be called “Bathroom mode.”


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