What’s the message here? Children’s TV’s odd story lines.

One of the joys of having a toddler is spending large swathes of one’s life immersed in their activities and shows. I am currently watching an episode of the 3D animated series Mike The Knight. In this particular case, the protagonist, Mike, is trying to get his steed, Galahad, to fly using a makeshift winged contraption.

After much artifice and prancing about, the two take to the air, swooping high before inevitably crashing to Earth. Is it wrong that the first thought that flowed into my mind was that the horse had probably broken a leg, and would now need to be taken out behind the barn and shot? Strangely enough, the same thought occurred to my wife.

Is this an extra layer of subtext provided to keep older viewers engaged, or simply a potential connotation which had gone unnoticed by the production team? I suspect the latter, but I am now paying more attention to the storyline of otherwise innocuous children’s shows, not because I am afraid they could warp my toddler’s imagination, but because I can find some amount of hilarity in the unintentional messages they provide.


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