And how are you today?

Have you ever noticed how people ask: “hey how are you today?” But don’t ever really expect an honest answer back. It is a common courtesy, an acknowledgement of existence, but rarely anything more. It could be proffered by a passing stranger, which I will admit I do quite often, much to their dismay, or it could come from a cashier as they prepare to administer yet another wave of goods through the price scanner’s ever watchful eye. A business practice, a transaction to ensure the client’s willingness to return to spend on yet another day.
What would happen if one were to truly confess their sentiment at the moment of the question? What if inhibition and polite process were stripped away, and the facts were bluntly stated? I can imagine the scene playing out with all the cool, charismatic aplomb Jason Statham can bring to bear on such an awkward moment: “Hello Love, my day’s been rather rotten, really. I received a notice of foreclosure on my house, and cat was run over in the driveway. None of those are really that much of a problem, though, since the house burned down after my wife let the kettle on after she left me to run away with her boss, which happened to hit my cat as he was backing out of the driveway. Otherwise, it’s been a grand day. Did I mention I have a ninja clan that wants my head on a platter by sundown?”
I find myself lagging behind Mr. Statham on cool and charisma, so I guess I’ll stick with “I’m good,” and pray that the ninja that asked really wanted to know.


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